Student Testimonials

I have known Nevin through her yoga and meditation classes for the last 3 or 4 years, and she is one of the most generous and accessible teachers I know. She teaches the steps in a way that anyone can follow, with compassion and a lot of fun and humor. She constantly innovates by combining complementary practices and principles from different approaches to holistic health – I have never been bored in any of her classes! Always something new to learn and try out. Where else can you find a class with mindfulness, Yoga, QiGong, etc. all in one seamless flow? She does her research and takes extensive training herself to make sure that what she teaches is sound. But most important, she has an open heart for listening to her students and helping them meet their unique needs. She is definitely one of the best you can find to entrust your mindfulness and yoga training to! J.R. G. Washington DC

 If feeling at the top of the world when you finish a yoga session is an indication of how good the class is, that is how I feel  whenever I come out of  Nevin's classes.  She draws from her deep knowledge and experience of the Eastern sciences to offer classes where she often blends the best of yoga, Qi Gong, and even weights to give her students amazing practices.  Her approach is a melange of challenging us to go to our edge, but with compassion (for our individual needs) and humor.  I would say that this attention to individual need is the hallmark of her teaching, she meets each one of us where we are.  Together with asanas, pranyamas, yoga nidra, and meditation, Nevin creates a thriving experience for the mid, body, and soul.  It is addictive! S.M. Virginia 

Nevin’s mindful meditation session changed my life and helped me to have deeper understanding of mediation. Her teaching methods and techniques are impeccable. The teachings brought new dimensions in my practice of meditation and my life. I feel more positive and am learning to better understand and to handle the negatives, and more importantly about myself and life in general. 


Good luck with all your teachings and future endeavors. It was a real pleasure to attend your sessions. It truly brought a new dimension in my life. V. R., Washington DC..

Nevin’s Intro to Mindfulness training is NOT a drop-in class where we just feel great at that moment and fall back into our habitual thought patterns once we are "off the cushion" back in life. INSTEAD, we learn to form mindful habits through fun practices, mutual support, and reasonable homework. We graduate from the training with experience and confidence in addition to a home-like community. Meet Nevin and get inspired!

 I enjoyed a lot our Wednesday meetings, and they helped me a lot. I never practiced meditation before and they were the only practicing occasions I had. So, you really introduced me to this world! 

R.G, Washington DC 

 Thank you so so much for sharing your gift with us these past couple of years! I truly look forward to the Wednesday meditation sessions and appreciate that you are ensuring that they continue. You have created an amazing community and a calm, safe space for people to explore meditation. 

S.K. Washington DC

I wanted to take a moment to express my profound gratitude for inspiring me to start the mindfulness meditation journey. It is making a very big difference in my life. 

P.G. Washington DC

As a senior yoga instructor and leader in the World Bank Yoga & Wellness Club, Nevin has been teaching yoga, Qigong, and corporate mindfulness across the organization. Our staff have benefited from her classes immensely. Nevin is able to skillfully integrate the energy work and meditation into her yoga teaching. In addition, corporate mindfulness classes offered by Nevin was a great way to settle into during our department meetings and team retreats.  

Y. Z. Washington D