Private Yoga & Mindfulness Consultations

Starting wherever you are…. Personalized coaching to bring more ease and balance to your life, using age old tools of Yoga, Qigong energy cultivation techniques, mindfulness and Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach.

One of my specialties is to meet students where they are and make movement and contemplative practices accessible to anyone. Private sessions can be organized individually or in small groups, and are a wonderful way to work one-on-one with people, who 

· wish to have a customized movement, 

· prefer individual attention, 

· develop a contemplative practice or 

· work on a specific area of challenge, such as eating disorders, or pain or condition for them. 

The sessions combine movement, breathing practices, guided meditation and life coaching to help address the underlying challenge and assist creating optimal balance for the body and mind. 

My students report that they feel relaxed, more open, and really present after the sessions. A multidisciplinary approach helps them to feel that their needs are met with different means at different levels. More importantly, they report that they feel the benefits of the practice outside of the session and all through their lives.  My integrative health approach is supported by the latest research in the fields of Yoga therapy, Qigong and energy medicine.

Don’t wait until the perfect time to schedule a private class. There is never a perfect moment besides now. Let’s work together to make things easier for you and building your own resources.