Group or Semi-private Classes in Yoga, Qigong or a Combination

 In my group movement classes, I guide accessible Yoga or Qigong using a self-empowering and mindful approach that facilitates deep release and strength building for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. The better that life force energy flows, the healthier, happier and the more connected we feel to life in general. A fun way to do this is to adjust our practices to be aligned with the seasons, which is recommended by both Yoga’s sister science Ayurveda and Qigong.

I invite practitioners to have a mindful attitude towards themselves and keep inquiring what is happening in the pose and in between the poses or flowing movements.  Such inquiries help the practitioner to be fully aware of the interplay between the body and mind and develop the capacity to be aware of the whole field of experience. I also like to have a theme, and build the practice around that to make it a felt experience for the practitioners and also for them to take it outside of that room, to the life. 

I have been teaching group classes since 2013. You can find me in different local yoga studios or volunteering at the WBG Fitness Centers.