Corporate Mindfulness Keynotes and Trainings

Why mindfulness at work?

We spend a lot of time in the office. Given the competing demands at the workplace and distractions by technology, managing our attention has become one of the critical life skills for 21st century for success. According to a recent study 83% of employees indicate that “work” is their greatest source of stress. Many ordinary activities at the workplace such as emails, phone calls, meetings, eating and walking are opportunities to easily weave in mindfulness. Application of work place mindfulness is shown to result in improved focus, enhanced self-awareness, better decision making and boost in leadership skills, increased productivity, enhanced working relationships & empathy, ease in organizational transformation, increased creativity/innovation, and greater resiliency, while absenteeism, burnout and turnover, etc. is reduced. The effects of mindfulness can be felt in a short time, and the benefits continue to deepen with consistent practice.

Corporate mindfulness sessions are woven with gentle, brief movement breaks and easy to apply stress reduction techniques – such as guided breath practices.

The programs listed below can be specially customized for your company’s business needs and can be targeted for different levels.

  • On-Demand or onsite weekly meditation classes, 30-45 mins.

  • Mindfulness@work workshops, 60-90 mins, conducted as “lunch and learn” or at group settings such as team meetings, retreat keynotes

  • Half-day mindfulness workshops

  • Individual, group, and company-wide 6-8 weeks Essentials of Mindfulness Courses

  • One-on-one or small group executive coaching in Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

  • There can also be theme based sessions on the following: How to Work with Your Inner Critic, Enhancing Listening Skills & Conflict Management, Debunking the Myth of Multi-tasking, Practical Tools for Stress Management,  Happy Hour to Awaken Joy, and Mindful Eating.  

I have led corporate mindfulness sessions for over four years at the largest multi-national financial institution in the world. Contact me to implement one of the sessions above at your company to help your staff benefit from workplace mindfulness guided by an experienced instructor. Your valuable staff deserve it.